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    Oral Care    


    Once you have to buy medicine toothpaste because of toothache or by large advertisements.  Feel good and cool! If you persist using for a long time, some troubles head to you.   There is 3 warning tips for medicine toothpaste:
    1. No tooth disease no use it.
    Ordinary toothpaste containing borneol, clove oil, menthol, spearmint, etc., but also prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Drug toothpaste generally have a strong irritant that can cause damage to the oral mucosa, and some drug activity toothpaste containing a strong-stained, long teeth pollution will face.
    2. Tooth disease should avoid abuse using.
    Drug toothpaste and a large variety of effects from the point of view can be roughly divided into the prevention of dental caries, desensitization analgesic, anti-inflammatory to stop bleeding, with the exception of teeth and tooth rust, and so on. Right select the drug according to your symptoms.
    3. Should not be the same type of long-term use
    A drug used toothpaste for a long time, the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria could affect the efficacy. As a result, a drug used toothpaste for some time, they should use common type of toothpaste. Moreover, the drugs can not cure all the toothpaste of the disease, and some dental diseases (such as periodontitis) can only comprehensive treatment.


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