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        BiClean Group has been focused on manufacturing high quality toothbrushes since 1997 . The Brand Polish toothbrushes expressly cater to the consumer who seek high quality at a reasonable price. Using innovation in design and intelligence in the manufacturing process, we pride of our-selves on products that offer the utmost in value.

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    Dentist Advice: periodontitis can be caused by stroke, cardiovascular disease, pregnant women, and premature infant deformities, bacterial pneumonia ... ... when the stroke, heart disease, stomach cancer, pneumonia and bacterial diseases, and so on, have you think of those caused by dental disease?
    Tang Zhuren that periodontitis easy to cause bleeding gums, resulting in bacteremia, and severe bacteremia endocarditis is the killer. In the world, die each year as a result of bacteremia caused by bacterial endocarditis Tens of thousands of people. Periodontal infection focus is not only a threat to the health of pregnant women, but also harm the fetus and newborn to the family and society as well as a heavy burden. So that pregnant women with severe periodontitis caused by premature birth and the birth of low birth weight may be suffering from congenital diseases of the brain. Periodontitis is also associated with stomach cancer. On the source of periodontal disease in the study found that from the detection of Helicobacter pylori in dental plaque, and Helicobacter pylori is chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer or gastric pathogens. Periodontitis and oral bacteria can cause bacterial pneumonia. Each year around the world about 83,000 people have been killed. Periodontitis and diabetes are also deeply linked. Control of periodontitis, patients will alleviate the symptoms of diabetes, insulin dosage can be reduced, there is a family history of diabetes in people infected gums should immediately go to the hospital to check has been suffering from diabetes.
    Dental serious harm caused by far more than this. As the number of violations will periodontitis teeth, the teeth of those infected with the virus will run its body or more of a vital organs, leading to illness. Such serious consequences, it had a high degree of vigilance to prevent future trouble.


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